PCANZ Support Group Posters (Printed)

PCANZ Support Group Posters (Printed)

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Here's how you can help to grow our community! 

If you want to help raise awareness, there are tonnes of places these posters could go... the local hospital or medical centre, your local Cancer Society, your workplace, the local gyms, health food shops, supermarkets, bus stops...the list goes on...

Of course, you MUST ask permission first! We don't want anyone getting fined... 😬

You will need to cut along the lines for the strips, and it does help to perforate along the top edge of the strips for easy removal.

If you have access to a printer, and would prefer to print yourself, see the digital download instead. 


IMPORTANT - PCANZ is not a registered charity, and therefore we cannot provide a Donation Tax Receipt. We are a non-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness and educate New Zealanders about Pancreatic Cancer, and create a sense of community and support those affected by this disease. 

The proceeds made through sales on our website go primarily towards our charity partner, the Gut Cancer Foundation (GCF), some funds are retained to cover our operating costs and some for future initiatives.

If you would like to support our cause, but do require a Donation Tax Receipt, please donate directly with the GCF.