Our Purpose
The purpose of PCANZ is to provide those affected by pancreatic cancer, whether directly, or indirectly, with the tools they need to prevent, cope with and overcome this brutal disease.
Our Mission
Everyday, we are working to eradicate Pancreatic Cancer through:
  • Support: We’re supporting New Zealanders and their whānau through each stage of their diagnosis, treatment and beyond.
  • Education: We create and share information about preventing Pancreatic Cancer through a healthy lifestyle.
  • Awareness: We work to spread the word about the high incidence of Pancreatic Cancer in New Zealand – and its early signs and symptoms.
  • Fundraising: Alongside our charity partner, the Gut Cancer Foundation, we organise fundraising events and encourage much-needed donations and sponsorship to make all of the above possible.
Our Vision
The PCANZ vision is a future where no New Zealander succumbs to Pancreatic Cancer. Ever.